4 Strategies for Growing Your Network at a Work From Home Job

One difficulty that many professionals are now experiencing in their work-from-home jobs is the question of networking. There are plenty of professions that involve a lot of socialization and the building of connections, but how do you even begin to navigate this when you’re working from home? 

Luckily, the digital age brings with it plenty of solutions to the many problems of work-from-home jobs. In this article, we will talk about some of these solutions so that you could work better from home in the new normal. 

Without further ado, here are some of these tips and tricks:

1. Choose the right platforms for building your professional networks

Social media can be difficult to navigate for a business, but there is no shortage of connections that can be made on it. Some are for more informal content and communication (like Twitter and TikTok), and others are better built for professional connections (such as LinkedIn and Facebook). Any of these can be used to your advantage, depending on your networking style and needs.

2. Maintain these platforms well

One of the first things all your social media accounts should have is the right business information, which is the easy part. The hard part is maintaining and keeping these accounts and pages active so that your business stays relevant to your followers and connections. Each of these platforms has different standards and cultures, so it is important to understand how they work to maintain the connections that they bring. 

3. Post meaningful content

What topics are relevant to you? To your business? What subjects are relevant to your target audience? One of the best ways to subtly maintain your connections is to prove your relevance to your network. This relevance is proven by demonstrating your knowledge and wisdom about these relevant subjects. 

This could be done through posting photos on Instagram, making videos about your field of work, or as simple as an occasional blog post. 

4. Never neglect phone and video communication

While everything can be done with emails and social media posts and so on, that does not mean that everything should be. It is the human touch that matters in professions that involve a lot of networking, and that makes phone and video communications a vital component of communication. 

When approaching a new connection, it might be better to invite them to hear whatever you have to offer through a video meeting rather than in an email. After all, no matter how well-written a tweet, email, or blog post might be, it cannot convey the charm and personality of the human writing it like their speech can.

Not only that, but video and phone communication can allow you to shift your strategies in real time and as you need to, leading to more productive conversations. 

Final thoughts

There are many limitations to work-from-home jobs, but any problem can be turned into an opportunity with enough creativity. Though it might not be as fun as networking in person, networking online can still be just as productive, so long as you put in the elbow grease and think about the strategies you should be using. 

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